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A letter to God Question Answer

A letter to God Question Answer

A letter to God Question Answer

A letter to God is written by G.L.Fluentes. You can find Question Answer relation the story A letter to God. In this story there is a farmer, named Lencho, who writes a letter to God when his crops are ruined, asking for a hundred pesos. But what he gets and what his reaction is worth of reading. A letter to God is the first chapter of the book “First Flight” prescribed by CBSE for class X.

Question 1. What did Lencho hope for?
Answer: Lencho hoped for rains as the only thing that his field of ripe corn needed was a shower.

Question 2. Why did Lencho say the raindrops were like ‘new coins’?
Answer: Lencho’ crops were ready for harvest. However, they required a good downpour before harvesting. After a downpour, he could sell the harvest and get money. That is why he compared the raindrops to ‘new coins’.

Question 3. How did the rain change? What happened to Lencho’s fields?
Answer: The rain was pouring down. But suddenly, a strong wind began to blow and very large hailstones began to fall along with the rain. The hail rained on the valley for an hour, because of which Lencho’s field were destroyed. There was not a single leaf left on the trees and the flowers were gone from the plants. The corn was completely destroyed.

Question 4. What were Lencho’s feelings when the hail stopped?
Answer: When the hail stopped, Lench’s soul was filled with sadness. He looked around at his fields and said that even a plague of locusts would have left more than what was left after the hailstorm. He said that they would have no corn that year and they would go hungry. He was full of sorrow.

Question 5. Who or what did Lencho have faith in? What did he do? 
Answer: Lencho had faith in God. He had been instructed that God’s eyes see everything, even what is deep in one’s conscience. Therefore, he wrote a letter to God expressing his need for a hundred pesos so that he could see his field again and live until the crop grew again.

Question 6.Who read the letter?
Answer: When the postman saw that the letter was addressed to God, he laughed and took the letter to the postmaster, who then read it.

Question 7. .What did the postmaster do then?
Answer: In order to keep the writer’s faith in God alive, the postmaster decided to answer the letter. When he read that Lencho needed hundred pesos, he asked for money from his employees. He himself gave a part of his salary. He could not gather the entire amount, but managed to send Lencho a little more than half the amount. He put the money in an envelope addressed to Lencho and signed it ‘God’.

Question 8. Was Lencho surprised to find a letter for him with money it it?
Answer: No, Lencho was not at all surprised to see the letter from God with money inside it. His confidence and faith in God was such that he had expected that reply from God.

Question 9. What made him angry?
Answer: He became angry when he counted the money. Actually Lencho had demanded 100 poses but only 70 pesos reached him. He thought that God could not deny him what he had demanded. Certainly the post office employees might take the money. So Lencho was angry.

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