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How to check your pulse rate

How to check your pulse rate

If you want to check your pulse rate it is no longer a difficult task. Pulse rate allows you to determine your heart rate and a healthy heart indicates healthy life. Read complete article and find out how to check your pulse rate.

You can check your pulse in one of two ways.

  • Radial pulse
  • Carotid pulse

How to check your pulse rateRadial pulse: Use your index finger and middle finger and keep them on the side of the wrist, just below your palm, thumb side. Keep pressing pad of middle finger and index finger lightly. You will fell something throbbing. If you couldn’t find your pulse, move your finger pads around the place and find your pulse.

How to check your pulse rateCarotid pulse: This pulse is located just below the jaw line, near the neck. Place your index and middle finger’s pad in the hollow between the windpipe and the large muscle in the neck. Here also, you need to press lightly your fingers until you find your pulse. Carotid pulse is relatively easy to find.

Count and Record your heart pulse.

You can use mobile timer or anything else that can give your “second” measurement. Once you find the pulse of your heart, count the number of throb you feel for at least 60 sec. 60 sec. is an ideal time to check your pulse rate. 

If you are in haste you may check your heart rate for 30 sec and then just double it.

Avg. heart rate for human

Avg heart rate for human adult “at rest” is 60-100 beats per minute. For minor or children this could be 70-120 beats per minute “at rest”.
Physical activities will increase the number of your heart beat. Thus it is important for you to check your pulse rate when you are at rest.

If you find “fluctuation” or “skip” in your pulse, you should consult a physician.

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