For Anne Gregory

  • For Anne Gregory Question Answer

    For Anne Gregory Question Answer

    The chapter For Anne Gregory is the poem of tenth chapter of  English textbook First Flight for Class XFor Anne Gregory is written by William Butler Yeats. This poem is based on the conversation between a young woman and a young man. She wants to be loved for herself alone not for his yellow coloured hair and physical appearances. Here you can find out possible question answer. Please write below your opinion if this is helpful.

    Question: What does the yound man mean by “great honey-coloured/Ramparts at your ear?” Why does he say that young men are “thrown into despair” by them?

    Answer: The “great honey-coloured/Ramparts at your ear” refers to the beautiful yellow coloured hair that falls at the woman’s ear and cover it like a wall around a fort. He says that the young men are “thrown into despair” by them because they look so beautiful on the woman that her beauty gets thoroughly enhanced. The young men fall in love with her and feel despair. He says that it is not possible that someone would love her alone and not her yellow hair.

    Question: What colour is the young woman’s hair? What does she say she can change it to? Why would she want to do so?

    Answer: The young woman’s hair is of yellow colour. She says that she could get her hair dyed to brown, black or carrot colour. She would change the colour of her hair so that the young men in despair would love her only and not her yellow hair. She wanted them to love her for what she was and not for her appearance such as her hair colour.

    Question: Objects have qualities which make them desirable to others. Can you think of some objects (a car, a phone, a dress…) and say what quality make one objet more desirable than another? Imagine you were trying to sell an object: what qualities would you emphasize?

    Answer: Yes, there are many objects like a television, a refrigerator, washing machine, micro oven etc. Love and affection make one object more desirable than other. If I were trying to sell one object, I would emphasis the qualities of true love for it. And all of us this love will not for its outer but for inner self..

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