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Iswaran the Storyteller Question Answer

Iswaran the Storyteller Question Answer

The chapter Iswaran the Storyteller is the third chapter of Supplementary English (Moments) for Class IX. Iswaran the Storyteller is written by R.K.Laxman. In the story Iswaran narrates many stories to Mahendra. He is very good of narrating stories as well as cooking meal. You can find out possible question answer.

In what way is Iswaran an asset to Mahendra?
Iswaran was Mahendra’s cook. He was attached to him and followed him wherever he was posted. He cooked his meal, washed his clothes and chatted with him at night. So, he was an asset to Mahendra.

How does Iswaran describe the uprooted tree on the highway? what effect does he want to create in his listeners?
Iswaran describes the uprooted tree thus “The road was deserted and I was alone. Suddenly I spotted something that looked like an enormous bushy beast lying across the road.” He describes it thus because he wanted to create a mystery. He wanted his audience to be surprised.

How does he narrate the story of the tusker? Does it appear to be possible?
Iswaran said that he was studying in the junior class at that time. He grabbed the stick of a teacher and came to the elephant. He struck the elephant’s toe nail. It fell down. He said that he used the Japanese art jujitsu. They story seems imaginary. It is not likely to happen.

Why does the author say that Iswaran seemed to more than make up for absence of a TV in Mahendra’s living quarters?
Iswaran was an expert storyteller. He told mysterious stories which had always a surprising ending. These stories entertained Mahendra at night. So, the author says that Iswaran seemed to more than make up for the absence of a TV in Mahendra’s living quarters.

Mahendra calls ghosts or spirits a figment of the imagination. What happens to him on a full-moon night?
Mahendra did not believe in ghosts he says that they are figments of our imaginations. But on the full-moon night, he saw a dark form of a woman. She was carrying a bundle in her arms. Mahendra began to sweat in fear.

Can you think of some other ending for the story?
The story could end like this. Mahendra took courage and went near the woman. She started to run away. Mahendra grew suspected. He grabbed her and found that it was Iswaran himself who was trying to frighten Mahendra in the guise of woman ghost.

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