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  • How to make money online with your website

    How to make money online with your website

    Internet has opened several opportunity for wealth creation. Through the internet sell, market, spend, online teaching are the some interesting way to make money online. make money through your website or blog is most common among all the method. If you have your website or blog you can make money by putting advertisement. This is something called selling webpage space. You allocate some space on the webpage to display their advertisement. But the important matter is how money is calculated. How much you will be paid, You might be paid thousand of Dollars or might be zero. There is various way to get the advertisement and calculate the money.

    1. PPC Advertisment network :

    PPC stand for Pay Per Click, means you will be get paid on each click that will provided by your visitors. This method is very popular among webmasters. Assume your PPC rate is $0.05. It means you will get $1 for 20 clicks. Basically to get the advertisement you have to sign up and paste the code (you will be given) on the webpage.

    The network will serve contextual ads (either text or banner) relevant to your niche, you will be got a certain amount of money for every click. The following network provides ads for PPC method. You can Join any one of them or more than one.

    • Google Adsense
    • Chitika 
    • Adclick Media 
    • Clicksor
    • Bidvertiser 

    2. CPM Advertisment network :

    CPM stands for Cost per mile, means you will be get paid for every thousand of impression. mile is equal to M( thousand). It does not matter the clicks either 0 or hundred, the matter is only impression. Assume you CPM rate is $1. You will be paid $1 per 1000 impression. It is popular method among new webmasters and bloggers.CPM rate varies with the network, ad format, niche etc. It would %6-8 for educational or medical niche and %0.5 for technology niche. The following network provides ads

    for CPM method. You can Join any one of them or more than one.

    3. Pop up and pop Under Advertisement Network:

    This method can save your webpage space. No need to display ads on your page. just paste the code in your page. When any visitor visits your page. A pop-up or pop-under page will open. It’s rate also calculated on the basis of CPM or unique visitor. Signup the following publisher for pop-up or pop-under advertisement. It has high rate. signup below network for popup and popunder.

    4. URL Shrinking

    This is new method to get paid and make money online. In this method your url will be changed into short url. And whenever any visitors comes your page through shorten url you will be paid. for example Your is in changed into http://newurl.html. Share this url on social media site and email. When any visitor visit the new url, this will redirect to your original pages. signup given network for url shirinking and get paid.

    • Adfly 
    • linkbuks 

    Soon I will write an article how to make money without having any website or blog. Keep visiting…

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