What does the poet say has changed his mood

  • Dust of Snow by Robert Frost Question Answer

    Dust of Snow by Robert Frost Question Answer

    The chapter Dust of Snow is the poem of first chapter of  English textbook First Flight for Class X.Dust of Snow is written by Robert Frost. This poem presents a moment that seems simple, but has a larger significance. Here you can find out possible question answer. Please write below your opinion if this is helpful.

    Question: What is a “dust of snow”? What does the poet say has changed his mood? How has the poet’s mood changed?

    Answer: A “dust of snow” could mean a freckle of snow or it could also refer to the little white flowers that can be found on hemlock tree. This “dust of snow” changed the poet’s mood. The poet’s mood changed from that of dismay to joy. He was holding the day in regret when this dust of snow fell on him and this simple little thing brought him some joy.

    Question: How does Frost present nature in this poem?

    Answer: Frost has presented nature in quite an unconventional manner. While in other nature poems we come across birds such as nightingales or sparrow, Frost has used a crow in the poem. A crow can be associated with something dark, black, and foreboding. That is why other poets usually mention singing nightingales or beautiful white doves in their poem.

    Also, the poet has written about a hemlock tree, which a poisonous tree. He has not written about a more beautiful tree such as a maple, or oak, or pine because these trees symbolise beauty and happiness. Frost wanted to symbolise the feelings of sadness and regret, which is why he has used a hemlock tree.

    Question: What do the ‘crow’ and ‘hemlock represent – joy or sorrow? What does the dust of snow that the crow shakes off a hemlock tree stand for?

    Answer: The crow and the hemlock tree represent sorrow. The dust of snow that is shaken off the hemlock tree by the crow stands for joy that Frost experiences. He has, therefore, used an unconventional tree and bird in order to contrast them with joy in the form of snow.

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