• How to download youtube videos without software

    How to download YouTube videos without software

    If you are video addicted and want to download YouTube video on PC or smart phone, you don’t need to bother anymore. The following trick is powerful enough to download any YouTube video and it doesn’t need any external software on PC or any app on your iPhone or android mobile phone. The following step is very easy and handy to use.

    How to do?

    1. You need to access YouTube using any browser. If you are on mobile don’t use YouTube app. Use UC browser or any other browser to access YouTube. 
    2. Search what you like to download on YouTube.
    3. Click on the link which is your most desired.
    4. Go to address bar and change “https://” into “ss” without quotation.
    5. Hit enter and it will lead you another website and you will get a link to download YouTube video. You can choose resolution as per your choice and then download.


    1. If I want to download a video of WWE fight. first I will go to YouTube and search WWE fight.
    2. I will click on any video link.
    3. Suppose YouTube video address is
    4. Change this address into
    5. Now hit enter and wait for a second until a screen comes
    6. Choose resolution and hit download with your preferred resolution

    Watch this video How to download YouTube videos without software

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